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Welcome to JbrCodes, the “online business home” of Jim Rudolf.

Technology can be a mixed blessing: It’s powerful, but often complicated. I believe in tech that you can use even if you aren’t technically oriented. I believe in tech that concentrates on one or a few things, and does them well.


Notes from Here and Elsewhere

Clouds and Containers and Swarms! Oh My!

If I manage a restaurant, I schedule enough employees to comfortably handle the average number of customers. For peak periods, or when I have a special catering event, I bring in extra employees to handle those exceptional situations. Cloud computing works much the same way. more...

Published: 19 Dec 2018

Congress Navigator: There's an App for That

We're hooked on the Internet and uninterrupted access to all of our data that lives in the cloud. But many of us don't take our laptops with us everywhere (not to mention our desktops). In fact, some people use smartphones as their primary Internet device. Responsive websites and dedicated smartphone apps are two ways to make data in the cloud accessible to people on the go. more...

Published: 01 Sep 2018


What I Can Help You With

As the Experience section shows, I have a wide range of skills and experience. I’ve worked and volunteered in a number of countries, worked at companies large and small, as employee and self-employed. Here are a few of the tasks that I could help you with.


Web sites: possibly static; or based on a content management system like WordPress; or custom-made, depending on your needs.


I can offer one-on-one or group training on topics like WordPress. Or, if you are learning about IT, I can offer tutoring services.


I can accompany the development, launch, and ongoing maintenance of your site, including editing and publishing of content.

“All of the Above”

Do you need a little bit of everything? Thanks to my diverse background, I can do that too.


A Few Examples of My Work
Kids' Books Bolivia screenshot

Kids’ Books Bolivia

Kids’ Books Bolivia is a series of bilingual children’s books, researched and written by undergraduate students of the SIT Study Abroad Program, who spend a semester in Cochabamba, Bolivia.

I developed a WordPress-based site to show the books, authors and news. I developed a responsive theme, a few simple plugins, and I managed content in English and Spanish (using the WPML multilanguage plugin).

IT Teaching screenshot

IT Instructor

I taught my first IT course at the Minnesota School of Business. I then taught three years part-time at the Takoda Institute. Topics included: Linux, PHP/MySQL, HTML/CSS, Java, and Microsoft Office. Examples of teaching resources I created are available on GitHub.

(Image created with Wordle).

fStop Images screenshot

fStop Images

fStop Images is a royalty-free photo agency. When the site first launched, it was unique in that the image collections were centered around designers (who also happened to be photographers) instead of around generic categories.

The initial site development and launch were managed by the client, Berlin-based FontShop International. The site concept and graphic design were developed by San Francisco-based Punchcut. Technical design and all back-end programming were done by (Geneva-based) me.

ERA screenshot


ERA was a concept and set of tools to simplify the corporate design development process. The acronym ERA stands for Elements, Rules, and Applications, and the concept describes the relationships between graphical applications (like brochures and business cards) and the elements they contain (like logos and grids).

ERA was conceived by Paul Paulousek and Charly Frech. I worked with them at MetaDesign, and I implemented a client/server system allowing designers to develop corporate design guidelines and publish them on the web.


For more information, send an email to . (Deutsch wird gesprochen.) (Español también.) (Un petit peu de français aussi.)